Proposal of professional service, development and research in the following areas:

Automation, Robotics, Simulation
  • controlling and regulation algorithms for amtomation and robotic systems
  • implementation of artificial intelligence
  • simulations (real time simulation by OpenGL and VC++, Matlab)
  • process description by mathematic-physical model
  • development of service robots
Image processing
  • face recognition
  • implementation of artificial intelligence
  • on line object learning and classification
  • any kind of error detection by visual system
  • development of robot visual system  
  • any kind of applications - up to customer specification
  • database systems (MS SQL, ACCESS)
  • programming languages (VC++, VB++, VC#)
  • software implementations and installations
  • ERP systems (Monet, ABC, SAP Business One) 
  • low level programming (Assembler for PIC and ATMEL microcontrollers)
  • communication between PC and external hardware by using microcontrollers
  • electronics circuits design and simulation

"Doing things smart is much more cheaper - by knowledge and skills it is possible to do it."


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